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Delays with the casing

We have faced a chalenge with the final casing. We are trying to produce a quality yet economical solution in order to stay within budget. We are considering a pre-ordering logic to give us an estimate of the volume we will ask manufacturers to quote us on but this is not decided yet. Some teaser pictures of the cases soon to come...

We heard your responses

First of all, thank you so much for your useful comments!

Our design team is working hard to deliver a stylish case for our HestiaPi keeping it within budget.

We have also come to the conclusion that different cases need to be offered for different budgets. The top-down redesign of the protypes is promising amazing looks for your living room.

More updates with photos soon!

Beta site

Our website is now ready for its beta release. Within the following weeks most of the graphics and the remaining content will be added!