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Smartphone App almost ready!

Here is a little teaser of the Android App controlling the heating and the hot water.

We used OpenHAB platform as it is truly a great base to build your project on!

The responsiveness is amazing! The video is actually filmed with the tablet connected to my work's network with HestiaPi being at home. That's fast!

HestiaPi to win Home Automation contest on Instructables

A few days ago we entered the contest for Home Automation on The feedback we got from so many people shows at least we are on the right track for a smart home project that actual people want in their home and daily routine.

Please support us by voting for HestiaPi (use the orange button from the top-right corner in the link) and help us get stronger with more supporters. More supporters means more features and more ideas in your HestiaPi tomorrow!

HestiaPi is now on GitHub!

After all the rigorous tests the very first version of HestiaPi code is ready to see the world enabling everyone to see what's under the hood.

It's time to get your hands dirty!

Now That's What I Call Open Source!

Nancy, one of our pilot users, decided to hack HestiaPi for Xmas, and instead of controlling her heating and hot water, she plugged it in to the Xmas tree lights.
She also passed us back the code on Github for customisable labels ("Xmas Tree" instead of "Hot Water") and icons (Tree icon instead of the default switch). She sent us this video. Check it out and pass it on!

THANKS for the commit Nancy and CONGRATS for the result!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Photos from our pilot

One of our pilot users sent us his happy installation:

The before picture...


...and after

Thanks Mr T. ;)

Good news everyone!

HestiaPi finally got its casing and we are proud to share it with you!

So without further ado, this is how HestiaPi looks like:

Demo video on its way...

Enclosure... a PITA

So what we thought as the easiest part of our project is the hardest to beat while staying within budget.

A pretty enclosure will cost money and we will have to meet you somewhere in the middle.

Right now a 115€ price tag seems more realistic for the full kit unless you laser cut your own.

Some more final tests with the pilot volunteers and we will be ready for shipping!

Hip hip hooray!