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Stuff released on GitHub

Head over to GitHub (click above) to grab our first release of some of the files (not all yet)!

Boy, we've been busy the last weeks


  • Finalise code - CHECK
  • Receive updated PCB designs, hand solder and evaluate - CHECK
  • Design 3D case and print prototypes - CHECK

  • More actual photos to come of the prototypes we now play with...


    And we have a beta!

    Custom UI designed later will replace this native one but fine for now.

    External power and a wireless keyboard to type faster were needed so case couldn't close with the USB hub sticking out. You get the picture. Sorry :)

    New PCBs on the way to correct the overheating issue (30'C !)

    Sold out!

    Due to unprecedented Christmas demand we are officially sold out on all units! We should be getting more boards from our suppliers mid-January. Please use the back order button on the item you want to receive the first batch out. Thank you everybody for your support on our project!

    Hestia Touch preview
    Who doesn't like a preview?

    So here it is half-way its prototyping phase.
    What you see here is an integration of OpenHAB with the Hestia software.
    A few remarks:
    1. Our main concern is thermal pollution - the temp sensor gets affected by the heat produced by the CPU (SoC) due to the very compact design. The initially onboard DHT22 sensor had to be moved 3cm further to get accurate readings, hence the wires you see.
    2. Various case openings were used. This is still not final. Our designers team haven't touched it yet. Oh they will hate it as it is now. Don't tell them:)
    3. The relays are not connected yet. They are just placeholders for the airflow
    4. Sorry for the ugly proto board and all these wires. Once the design gets finalised, PCB team steps in

    Committed features:
    - Most of HestiaPi features
    - Heating and humidity
    - Support for external sensors
    - Statistics (plot temperature and humidity readings over time)
    - Truly open design not tied to a commercial case like before as a 3D printable version of it will be release on Github

    Features to consider securing before releasing:
    - On-screen provisioning - no need for a laptop during installation
    - Support for multiple external setpoints

    Hope you like it !
    Please share/like :)

    Oh did we mention...

    ...that HestiaPi Touch will actually be powered by RasPi Zero under the hood?

    Here it is:

    Spoiler Alert!

    New touch screen UI under (heavy) development...

    This is a very very very early version of it:

    New Image available!

    Head over the downloads section for the new image available.

    In this release you will find:

    1. Authentication for the web interface. Use pi/hestia for username/password.

    Run the commands

    cd /etc/apache2; sudo htpasswd -c ./authfile pi

    in order to change password

    2. Self expanding image file.

    Download the smallest possible .img file (only the actual data).

    On first boot data partition automatically expands to take over the full capacity of the SD card. Once expanded it reboots once and Hestia runs as normal afterwards.
    Usually the whole process is completed in 2 minutes.


    With all the features coming through our inbox there was only one way ahead.

    Let's run a Hackathon next weekend @ Hackerspace!

    We offer free coffee, donuts and pizza!