• Just like your old thermostat...

    Just like your old thermostat...

  • ...but open!

    ...but open!

  • Customisable


  • Full of your features

    Full of your features

  • Upgradable


  • Hackable


HestiaPi is more than just a thermostat!

It is an open project running open-source software on open-source hardware and is based on Raspberry Pi as you may have guessed by the name. It is connected to the Internet so that you can access it from everywhere and controls both the central heating and the hot water of your house (or any external device)!

Being connected to the Internet does not mean we collect your data. We are very sensitive about privacy!

We are pushing to keep it under 100 EUR (+P&P) and the first batch is scheduled for 2014 Q3.

Use our pages to:

  • Find out how HestiaPi can simplify your life
  • Request what you would like to find in the next releases
  • Get all the information to make it yourself for free
  • Buy one as a kit or ready to install if you don't like making

but HestiaPi has only been running since 2013 so expect a lot to keep being added here...

Interested? So how can you help...

We open HestiaPi to the public to get everybody's ideas (or even code) but use the form to contact us even if you just want to know when it will be available to your country or show your interest.

Right now we are only 2 people working on our idea and having our regular day-time jobs is very hard. If you want to encourage and help HestiaPi become bigger, with more features, or simply say "thank you", please donate anything you feel fair.