Request a feature you want to see in future HestiaPi releases

Did you think of something that HestiaPi does not do yet?

Here is the place to ask for it. Go through the forum to see if someone else has asked for it already and check the list below to see if it is already planned for the next release. The most popular requests usually find their way to production.

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Confirmed for HestiaPi v1.0:

  • Show current indoor temperature
  • Control heating and hot water independently
  • Use scheduled programs or manual boost with adjustable time
  • WiFi and Ethernet ready with easy network setup wizard
  • Access it from anywhere in the world you get internet
  • Can be installed both as standalone and as additional to your current programmer
  • Easy Interface controlling from a smartphone or laptop
  • Can create up to 1000 individual schedules
  • Support predefined sets of schedules that can be enabled or disabled exclusively. Useful for shiftwork (evenings, mornings, weekends)
  • Auto-dim backlight
  • Holiday mode


Most requested features:

Please use the voting buttons or email us at feature-request [ at ] hestiapi [ dot ] com in order to add your ideas here!

Detect short power glitches to protect heatpump compressor

by Daniel Born: If HestiaPi is connected to an APC UPS and using apcupsd to monitor it, detect short power glitches or brownouts and temporarily switch from heatpump heat to aux heat if currently running (for safety reasons, don't just turn it off) and turn off heatpump cooling also if currently running for 15 minutes or so and then revert back to previous settings.

Celsius or Fahrenheit?

Add Celsius or Fahrenheit option in settings page (currently only Celsius is available)

Auto balance point for heatpumps

by Daniel Born: Instead of relying on pre-defined and possibly arbitrary setting for minimum exterior heatpump temperature, automatically figure out the balance point for the heatpump and switch to auxiliary heat when it is necessary.

Also allow combining heat output from heatpump with first stage auxiliary heat for more economical heating compared to second stage aux heat only.

Another nice feature, automatic forward and reverse staging of different heating sources based on changing outside temperature.

Wireless temperature sensor

Additional wireless temperature sensor for upstairs


Android App

Native Android application for my phone/tablet to access and control my HestiaPi remotely.

Wireless relay for remote units

My hot water is in a different room/system and I am not planing on running a cable accross the room

Wind speed sensor (outside)

Wireless wind speed sensor for outside (logging and plotting would be cool)


Air quality sensor

Measure values like dust, CO/CO2, gas. You should be able to set alarms and maybe even plot them against time i.e. to prove the stove leaks of the hoover polutes the air

Smart schedules for heating (PI or PID thermostat)

Preheat and precool for increased comfort and economy.

Power Consumption monitoring

Something similar to OpenEnergyMonitor.

Integrate in UBOS

Bring HestiaPi functionality in UBOS.

GSM SMS alternative/support

For remote homes with no fixed internet line send commands via a simple SMS

WiFi extender

Allow HestiaPi WiFi to operate in AP mode and act as a WiFi extender for rooms with poor reception

Flood monitoring

Wireless sensor below/inside the washing machine or other crucial plumbing instalations with alert/email triggers

Automatically figure out most economical setback temperature based on heat source, exterior temperature and duration

by Daniel Born: Depending on heat source (heatpump, aux heat, etc.) and setback duration (while sleeping, while at work, etc.) and exterior temperature, decide how low (with a configurable minimum) to allow setback temperature to go to allow for smart recovery to be back at desired temperature in time while saving the most money (allow entering energy costs for each heating source).

Local weather forecast

Pull local weather forecast from the internet and show it in the web GUI and/or the display of HestiaPi unit


Mesh modules

Wireless mesh topology for additional wireless modules exending its range


Smart schedules for boiler

Don't start the boiler when a schedule starts. *Have* hot water when a schedule starts!


Temperature Logging and charts

Allow logging for temperature values and plot them in charts of variable period of time ideally along heating status changes.

USB Charger

RasPi has a few USB ports. If one is available expose it as a USB charging socket for my phone to charge


Connect HRV to thermostat and use it as dehumidifier using psychrometric formula

by Daniel Born: Use outside air through a Heat Recovery Ventilator as a dehumidifier all year round, based on outside air humidity at current temperature converted to inside temperature using psychrometric formula and automatically cut off HRV when it is too humid outside. This can even be used in a more limited fashion, even in the summer.

Using temp sensor at hvac output detect equipment failure and degradation

by Daniel Born: Using a temperature sensor located at the output of the hvac equipment, detect that heatpump is not generating heat or cool (due to malfunction or other) and automatically switch to alternate heating source (such as aux heat) if appropriate.

Also detect if hvac filter may be clogged by comparing output temperature with known performance values at different interior and exterior (for heatpumps) values.

Comfort/Eco/AntiFreeze Modes

Modes like comfort, eco and anti-freeze are very helpful


iOS App

Native iOS application for my iPhone/iPad to access and control my HestiaPi remotely.


Show current indoor relative humidity. Maybe even log it and plot it against time along humidifier status and heating.


Support heatpumps and auxiliary heat, humidifier and dehumidifier

by Daniel Born: Support up to 2 stages of heatpump for heating and cooling and up to 2 stages of auxiliary heat (electric, gas, etc.)
Support humidifier and dehumidifier.
This would require at least 7 relays total.