The quickest way to get your hands on HestiaPi is by downloading one of the following image files, load it on a (minimum) 4GB SD card and boot your Raspberry Pi off it.

Of course you will also need the shield for the LCD, buttons, etc.

You can make it by youself following our instructions or simply buy it ready.

All images are compatible with most RasPi hardware versions, that is version A, A+, B, B+ and B Gen 2 (not sure about the compute module).


With the image file downloaded, you need to use an image writing tool to install it on your SD card. If you downloaded the ZIP version, unzip the .img file first before the next step.

Choose the right guide for your system below (courtesy of Raspberry Pi website - thanks :-D ):


HESTIAPI (Image File - 3.1GB)

Release date: 2016-02-14

Version: 1.1

Username/password: pi/hestia

This image automatically expands the second partition to use the full capacity of the SD card. During the first boot, it will expand automatically and reboot once.