And we have a beta!

Custom UI designed later will replace this native one but fine for now.

External power and a wireless keyboard to type faster were needed so case couldn't close with the USB hub sticking out. You get the picture. Sorry :)

New PCBs on the way to correct the overheating issue (30'C !)

Sold out!

Due to unprecedented Christmas demand we are officially sold out on all units! We should be getting more boards from our suppliers mid-January. Please use the back order button on the item you want to receive the first batch out. Thank you everybody for your support on our project!

New Image available!

Head over the downloads section for the new image available.

In this release you will find:

1. Authentication for the web interface. Use pi/hestia for username/password.

Run the commands

cd /etc/apache2; sudo htpasswd -c ./authfile pi

in order to change password

2. Self expanding image file.

Download the smallest possible .img file (only the actual data).